What’s Yours Called?

A recent survey by a leading car sales group suggests that campervan owners and motorhome fans are the leading lights when it comes to giving their vehicles a “pet” name.

The research found that many vehicle owners now bestow their car with a personal name and many believe it stems from the practice of well known celebrities to give unusual names to their children. Of course many years ago Herbie the VW Beetle with special powers became a screen hit all over the world and it is fair to say many holders of campervan insurance policies have had a pet name for their very special vehicle for decades, probably because they are the kind of vehicles that owners hold on to for many years and devote many hours to keeping them in tip top condition.

Apparently it is the female sex who is more likely to have a special name for their vehicle with 56% of the 2000 questioned admitting they do this, interestingly enough only 13% have a special name for their human partner! And apparently “Herbie” would not be the most favourite of names anymore because most people give their vehicles a feminine name. The survey found that using a name allied to the make of the vehicle was popular, for instance Veronica VW.

Julia Dalliemore, a spokeswoman for Carcraft, who instigated the survey, said “Given how much celebrities seem to dominate all aspects of our everyday life – from watching their moves 24-7 on reality TV to buying their various branded clothing and toiletries ranges, its little surprise that we copy their naming trends. Women car owners often form a strong bond with their vehicle and see it as more of a companion than men do. In turn, many refer to it with a fond nickname whereas men tend to view their vehicle in terms of engine size or functionality.”