Flaming June!

Motorhome insurance companies have been inundated with claims over the weekend with areas in Wales and the South falling victim to yet more floods in what is supposed to be a flaming June.

Whole villages and holiday camps had to be evacuated by emergency services in Wales on Saturday with Aberystwyth and its surrounding area being worst hit. Dozens of caravans and motorhomes were completely wrecked by a freak storm but thankfully no-one was seriously hurt. In one caravan park on the outskirts of Aberystwyth an inland sea rescue squad had to be rescued by a helicopter crew as they got into difficulties. Other rescues took place at the Riverside Holiday Camp, Aberystwyth Holiday Village, the appropriately named Sea Rivers Caravan Park and Mill House Caravan Park. All of these places will be familiar to many motorhome owners.

A spokesman for the Dyfed Powys Police Force said: “A number of caravan and holiday sites have had to be evacuated, and there have been reports of three people receiving treatment after sustaining minor injuries at present. We are not out of the trees yet, as the Environment Agency has flood warnings for five rivers in the vicinity.”

Meteorologists estimated 5 inches of rain fell in the area around Aberystwyth in 24 hours and fortunately the weather eased off long enough to allow emergency workers to reinforce dams and organise controlled releases of water. However, the storms moved to the South East and presented similar problems to holiday makers in the Hampshire and the West Sussex area. Children from Portsdown Primary School were dramatically rescued as a wall of water crashed through the school and in Waterlooville just along the coast a truck driver had to be rescued by firefighters as water threatened to engulf his cab.