Traffic Congestion Easing but still a Pain for London drivers

Motorhome enthusiasts and campervan fans in the UK encounter some of the worst traffic congestion in Europe according to a report out today, but the good news is, it’s not quite as bad as it used to be!

That’s the conclusion arrived at by traffic information’s experts INRIX, based on figures for 2011. The company say that Liverpool, London and Manchester were the most congested cities in the UK, with London drivers wasting on average 66 hours a year, 45 in Manchester and 39 in Liverpool. Interestingly enough the rush hour periods in all three cities were at different times and on different days. Motorhome drivers are most likely to get stuck in a traffic jam in London between 4-5pm on a Friday, whereas Manchester motorists encountered most problems on a Tuesday morning between 9-10am and in Liverpool it was between 4-5pm on a Wednesday.

However, the research did show that traffic congestion was not as bad as in 2010, with all 18 UK cities whose traffic patterns were investigated showing an improvement. Birmingham drivers came out best, spending on average 8 hours a year less in traffic jams, closely followed by Londoners whose waiting times had improved by 7 hours. Motorists in Newcastle, Nottingham and Glasgow saw improvements of 5 hours. Strangely enough INRIX say they can correlate traffic congestion with the general financial well being of a city, with more congestion usually indicating a thriving business population. Stuart Marks, senior Vice President of INRIX Europe, said “Traffic congestion is an excellent economic indicator telling us whether people are going to work, businesses are shipping products and consumers are spending money.”

However, if motorhome owners think the UK is bad then those drivers who have motorhome insurance
to drive on the continent will find congestion on roads in Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy even worse.