Camping for a Dollar a Day

Lets be honest, in most parts of Europe, camping for the classic traveller’s measure of one dollar (or about 70p) a day is just not possible or, even if it is, it requires so much work that travelling stops being a holiday and starts becoming work. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a budget conscious road-trip this summer, there are things you can do to make sure you spend less and enjoy yourself more!

Get out there…

Rather than spending money on big adventure parks or swimming pools, pick a spot near the coast and get the kids to make their own adventures. Standing up in the surf on the South Coast of England can be quite an adventure in itself! Rather than dining on supermarket or, worse, camp-site food, check out what the local stores have to offer: fresh fish can be a nutritious and cheap alternative – although make sure you open the windows when cooking or your motorhome will smell of mackerel for a week!

Drop the Electricity

Think about whether you really need an electrical pitch for every night of your stay – almost all campsites will charge a premium for hook-ups so you stand to save if you can forgo a night or two of electricity. If needs be you can use communal showers and cook on your BBQ but remember to keep a torch handy!

Don’t Scrimp on the Essentials

There are, however, some things that money can’t buy. You may be able to shop around for a cheap motorhome insurance quote but you’ll need to ensure it offers you the right cover for what you’re planning to do. Bad insurance policies won’t save you any money in the long run so make sure your insurer gives you everything you need.

Motorhome holidays can be done very cheaply although, perhaps not quite for a dollar a day. Look to save money by cutting down to the essentials in terms of electricity use and always trying to make the most of local prices. Don’t be too savvy on your insurance, though: if you need to make a claim you need to be sure you’re covered.