M4 Junction Still Closed as Olympic Deadline Approaches

Holders of motorhome insurance policies will be amongst the thousands of motorists disappointed with the news that Junction 3 of the M4 is to remain closed until the weekend at least.

Repairs to one of London’s busiest roads started last weekend with the closure of Junctions 1-3 bringing chaotic congestion to the M25, the M4, A4 and surrounding smaller roads as commuters and holiday makers tried to find their way round the outskirts of the capital. It was first thought all the junctions would be closed for five days but the Highways Agency managed to reopen Junctions 1 and 2 for the rush hour on Monday morning. This led to hopes that Junction 3, a main carrier of traffic to Heathrow Airport, would also open earlier than first expected but these hopes have now been dashed.

It is the discovery of secondary cracks in the Boston Manor Viaduct that has led to the closure and the agency will now not guarantee the junction will be open for Monday which is anticipated to be one of Heathrow’s busiest days ever, as thousands of Olympic hopefuls and their backroom staff arrive in the UK. In fact the closed junction is part of the Olympic Route Network and organisers are furiously looking to find a Plan B in case the work is not completed.

The latest report from the Highways Agency said: “The final complex work to repair the Boston Manor Viaduct, just west of Junction 2, has reached a critical stage and, due to the complexity of the operation, more time than originally envisaged is required to complete the work safely. As a result, road users are advised the M4 between Junctions 2 and 3 in West London will not open on Thursday morning. It had been anticipated this work might be completed by Thursday morning, but we are in the most sensitive part of the complex repair process and it is important we get it right, even if that takes more time, to do otherwise would risk the integrity of the whole structure.”

Motorhome owners looking to get to Heathrow or indeed heading west out of London would be well advised of finding an alternative route before setting off.