Always Consider Taking the Plane to Cut Down on Parking Costs

Drivers with an interest in campervan insurance will be surprised to know that in some of the UK’s largest airports it is more expensive to park a campervan than it is to park a plane!

A study of parking prices for a vehicle at Britain’s top 10 airports found that prices differed widely and that amazingly, in some places it was staggeringly more expensive to park a car then it was to park up a small plane. Parking at Terminal 5 at London Heathrow proved to be the most expensive place to park with motorists charged £52 to stop 24 hours in the short stay car park. However, drivers savvy enough to plan their parking earlier got a much better deal. A pre booked stop in the long stay car park costs just £17.90 a day.

The study, undertaken by the Independent newspaper, found that parking charges become more interesting when you park at an airport in the North West. For instance, a 24 hour stop in the short stay car park at Manchester airport would cost a campervan owner £35, while the owner of a six seater light aircraft can stop 24 hours at the airport for £21. Just down the road at John Lennon airport in Liverpool the difference is even more marked. The campervan would be charged £39.99 for a 24 hour stay while the small plane would be charged just £10.72. Coming back south the small plane would be more expensive to park at Luton Airport but only by £2.88.

A spokesman at Manchester Airport, Russell Craig, explained the charges thus “Years ago airports made all their money from the planes. Now at Manchester, aviation income makes up less than half of our revenues. To be able to keep investing, you’ve got to find new revenue streams and some of that is car parking. But pre-booking is the way to save money. The turn-up prices are what they are.”