Grenade throws holiday makers into the middle of a drama

Holiday makers with an interest in motorhome insurance were amongst revellers affected by a dramatic discovery at a holiday park on an island just off the Hampshire coast.

The drama unfolded at the Hollies Holiday Park, Itchinor Road, Hayling Island, when a 65 year old man working at the site found a second world war bomb tangled up in the roots of a tree just feet away from caravans inhabited by unsuspecting holiday makers.

Reg Husband, a director of a company who own several holiday parks on Hayling Island, was working at the site when he came upon the unexpected find at the foot of the tree. Aware of the families in the nearby caravans Mr Husband then decided he had no other option but to move the bomb. He explained: “It was in a very rusty and corroded state, and it was suspended by the pin among the roots. I think it must have been under the surface and then it had been gradually lifted up out of the soil as the tree grew. I decided to move it – although I was later told I shouldn’t have touched it. I moved it about 20 yards to a safer place behind a massive tree stump.”

Mr Husband then went to find his friend and ex-serviceman Terry Worrall who took up the story. “It was a Number 36 Mark 1 Mills hand grenade. I told him he was an idiot for moving it, but he did it for the right reasons at the time. He was quite shaken afterwards.” Mr Worrall called the emergency services and a Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit were soon on the scene. They agreed with Mr Worrall’s identification of the device and carried out a controlled explosion away from the Holiday Park, leaving motorhome enthusiasts to carry on with their holiday.