If you want cheap fuel head for the USA

Motorhome owners still looking for a venue for their 2012 holiday could be well advised to consult the latest edition of Bloomberg’s Gas Price Ranking index before they choose their destination.

The list gives motorists a comprehensive price guide to fuel across the world and unfortunately motorhome enthusiasts heading for Europe will find it very difficult to pick a spot that is noticeably cheaper than the UK. However, if the cost of fuel is an important consideration them maybe Norway should be the place to be avoided. The country that has mountainous supplies of fuel in their North Sea gas and oil fields has an average price of £1.70 a litre, and at the moment is the most expensive place in the world to fill up. A great pity because the fjords and valleys of Norway are absolutely perfect for mobile home holidays.

Turkey and Israel should also be avoided as both are well over £1.50 a litre and when we get closer to the countries on our doorstep then perhaps drivers may want to by-pass Holland as the average charge is a whopping £1.40 a litre. Close neighbours, France, Germany and Belgium are all slightly cheaper than the UK according to the list but not so much to make any difference. However, motorhome enthusiasts will not only find beautiful scenery and inviting highways in Switzerland they will also find some of Europe’s cheapest fuel. Swiss drivers are currently paying around £1.28 a litre which is just about the best deal in Europe at the moment.

For a really good deal on fuel, motor enthusiasts should consider hiring a motorhome in the USA and purchasing the required motorhome insurance, because once they have done that they can hit the open roads of the USA comfortable in the knowledge they will be paying less than half the price for fuel they pay at home.