Cannabis factory found in the back of a campervan

Campervans are recognised by many as a vehicle with many uses and motorhome insurance providers will give cover to owners who use their campervan for strange and diverse projects, but they would have been surprised by the use one gentleman made of his campervan and it ended up with him appearing in court.

A man who had turned his campervan into a cannabis growing factory found himself sent to jail this week after a judge at Gloucester found him guilty of two charges including one of producing cannabis in his campervan.

The van also contained packets of a Class B drug called NRG2 which prosecutors told the judge had a street value of over £80,000. Robert Miguel-Lopez admitted the two charges that occurred on March 5th 2012 and his ex –girlfriend Suzanne Seer admitted being concerned in the sale of cannabis and NRG2, both offences having taken place on the same day.

As the story unfolded before the court it was revealed that police officers had noticed a campervan and a Vauxhall combo van parked up in the car park of a public house. The police officers saw Miguel-Lopez take a packet from his pocket, put it down the back of his jeans and slip it down his trouser leg. He attempted to eradicate the substance by rubbing it with his foot into the ground.

The Officers then went on to describe the condition of the campervan. They found over 4,000 “street deals” of NRG2 which they said was worth £84,259, but were then amazed to find the rear of the camper had been converted into a cannabis farm. They found 20 cannabis plants, oscillating fans, lights, transformers and even a set of weighing scales. Further investigation showed the plants held 176 grams of cannabis which would have yielded £10 a gram on the streets of any major city.

Miguel-Lopez found himself sent to jail for 40 months while his girlfriend was given a suspended sentence.