Motorhome fire destroys vehicle and business stock

The value of good motorhome insurance was demonstrated yet again this week as a couple from Dorset saw their motorhome disintegrate before their eyes.

The drama started when Dorset farmers Hugh and Mary Massey-Birch left their Lyme Regis home to travel to a game fair in nearby Yeovil. The couple had not been travelling long when they noticed smoke coming from the vehicle and then a little later noticed a light. They quickly pulled over onto the side of the road and Mr Massey-Birch realised the light was in fact a fire. He tried to tackle the blaze with the vehicle’s fire extinguisher but it soon became apparent he was fighting a losing battle.

The engine fire quickly spread to gas canisters in the vehicle and Mr Massey-Birch had to run for his life when the whole vehicle exploded. The fire completely destroyed the motorhome and the couple, who own a successful clothing business that serves the game industry, saw over £40,000 of stock go up in flames as they looked on. Motorhome insurance experts will liaise with fire services to determine the cause of the fire but in the meantime the couple’s son Oliver was quick to praise the work of the emergency services in helping his parents.

Oliver said his parents were just happy to have survived the inferno intact. In fact the couple did not let the fire deter them from running their business and Oliver reported his father was up and working at the game fair the following day.