Welsh town asking tourists to keep up appearances

Residents of a Welsh tourist resort have told their local council that they have had enough of two types of unwelcome guests and have asked the council to treat campervan owners like dogs!

Residents in Aberystwyth have called local councillors into action over dog owners who let their pets foul the beach and motorhome owners who park overnight on the seafront. Ideally they would like to see both groups banned saying they are anti-social and spoiling the reputation of the resort. Councillor Martin Shewring organised a meeting between perturbed residents and officials from the Parking Enforcement Section and Department of Environmental Services and Housing in a bid to bring some understanding between the factions.

The councillor admitted many local residents have complained to him about dog fouling and parking problems. He said: “There’s a lot of anger over dog fouling and about some of the campervans whose owners let their dogs out to mess on the beach or release foul water all over the paths in the morning and we want to iron out these issues with the authorities. This is an attractive area for holiday makers but we need to keep a close eye on the dog issue and local residents need to keep a record and help gather evidence.”

Apparently locals object to vehicles typically covered with campervan or motorhome insurance staying overnight on South Marine Terrace which is close to two of the most picturesque sights in the town; the castle and the harbour. Getting the correct balance between visitors and locals is a perpetual problem for towns whose main source of income is tourism, and especially for local residents who do not depend on thousands of summer visitors to make a living. Tourists are in the habit of relaxing when on a break but would surely expect to see the same standards applied as they would expect when at home and people living in a beautiful place have to accept that other people want to come and visit. It is just so difficult sometimes to reconcile the two.