Startling jump in drivers admitting to drink-driving

At a time when motorists are calling for tougher penalties on law breaking drivers a Government sponsored survey reveals thousands of motorists including many with camper-van insurance get behind the wheel despite being over the drink-drive limit.

The survey was one of the most comprehensive ever done in the UK with researchers interviewing over 46,000 motorist with a significant proportion being motorhome owners. The results were startling! Almost 9% of those questioned admitted to driving at least once in the last 12 months when they thought they were over the drink drive limit and 1 in a 100 drivers admitted to drink driving routinely, confirming they broke the law in this way every week.

The survey also revealed the Government’s plans to introduce a drug driving offence are timely to say the least, as 1 in 5 drug users interviewed admitted to driving shortly after taking illegal substances. The findings derive from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and were released in conjunction with the worst set of road casualty figures the nation has seen for 10 years. The report shows over 1,900 people were killed on the roads of the UK in 2011, an increase of 3% on 2010 and the first time deaths have increased on the previous year for a decade.

Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety, Robert Gifford, admitted the report’s findings were worrying, saying “For deaths to rise in the time of a recession and when traffic levels have remained broadly static suggests that our roads are becoming more dangerous for citizens rather than safer.”

The report on road casualties also revealed pedestrians and children are suffering the most from the increases and that drink driving was a direct factor in accidents that led to 280 fatalities.