Call for more toll roads by Westminster pressure group

The call for a complete change in how motoring tax is calculated by a group of Tory MPs will give motorhome insurance policy holders food for thought.

The Westminster group led by the Member for South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom, and known as the Free Enterprise Group, believe a mileage calculation would be a much more appropriate way of charging motor tax than the present system. It is not a new idea and governments in the past, as well as the present incumbents, have wrestled with the problem of fair motor taxation for some time.

Certainly the technological advances in digital photography and telematics opens the door for a radical change in how we are charged for our time on the road but it would be a massive project to undertake. Of course motorhome owners used to driving on the continent will have plenty of experience of road pricing via toll roads that are in use throughout Europe and in fact the MP for South Northamptonshire said: “I would certainly support toll roads, I have just been driving in Europe with my family where everybody pays tolls. Personally I think road pricing is the way forward. I think it is hardly fair that people who only drive around the corner to see their friends pay the same as a travelling salesman. There should be some payback for people who don’t use major roads.”

It is difficult to work out how such a change would affect motorhome users, as many only use their vehicles for leisure but can cover thousands of miles in one trip. At the moment the Government manages to squeeze £35 billion out of motorists via fuel duty and tax discs, it is a colossal figure when one considers the new breed of vehicles will require neither petrol or a tax disc. How the future development of our road system is funded is a question that will cause a lot of head scratching in Whitehall before a solution is found.