Caravan Club prepare to release pitch prices earlier this year

Although the UK is only just on the cusp of winter 2012, many motorists with an interest in campervan insurance will already be planning their 2013 spring and summer holidays, and with this in mind one of the UK’s largest camping clubs is bringing forward the release of its pitch prices for next year.

The Caravan Club, often known as the Friendly Club, has decided to release pitch prices on November 5th this year and expect enquiries to rocket! Although this is a full four weeks before members can start booking it will give mobile home owners the chance to plot a holiday in detail before they go online to book. It also gives them time to think of alternatives just in case their first choice sites are already gone by the time they manage to reserve their place.

Although this may sound ludicrous for a club that has over 200 sites and over 2,500 certified locations but the first day of booking last year saw 31,000 bookings made in the first hour and over 70,000 by the end of the first day.

Peter Martin, head of membership services at the club, is in no doubt that Go Live 2012 (the first day of booking) will be just as busy this year, and said “We hope that by releasing the prices early, members will have time to really think about where they want to visit and have more chance to research the area and work out their budget. This in turn gives them the opportunity to try new places and plan new adventures. Many of our members have their old favourites‚ but we have many new sites on the network and this system will hopefully allow them to discover some new favourite sites.”

Staff at the clubs headquarters in East Grinstead are already gearing up for the first day of booking and members should be aware that December 5th is the day they should be up early and ready to reserve their places.