Hires at a Premium for Summer 2013


There was certainly something missing this summer without Glastonbury festival, but summer 2013 sees the return of the biggest outdoor music event in the UK. Glastonbury tickets sold out within the hour when they were released a few weeks ago, and though there are still a few spots available at the re-sale in the winter, festival goers are starting to make travel arrangements for the summer.

Demand for Motorhome Rentals

Motorhome rental companies have been experiencing a peak in demand as those hoping to avoid spending five nights under canvas seek out the early deal. Many motorhome companies are completely booked out for the Glastonbury ‘week’ and demand is running high for other festivals during the summer. It really has paid to get in early this year.

Don’t Rent in a Hurry

Despite the rush to book up this year, it’s never advisable to book a motorhome rental without reading the small print. A lot of companies may appear to be offering a good deal, but you should enquire about the small print before signing up. You’ll need to make sure you know about any mileage limits, the type of motorhome insurance that is included and you’ll need to ensure you have the right license to drive.

Economies of Scale

If you’re someone who rents for the festival season every year, you could be spending a lot more than you really need to on motorhome hire. Owning your own motorhome is a considerably cheaper option in the long run, and even if you only use it for three or four weeks a year it could save you money. If you’re struggling to find a rental deal, why not have a look at the second-hand markets – you might just bag a bargain. Motorhome hire is going to become more and more popular as the UK festival scene grows, which should be a great thing for the motorhome market, but it does mean some of those with motorhome specific tickets will find getting vehicles difficult. Book well in advance but never rush a rental, you need to check the administration is all in order first.