Campers with a foot in both camps

With thousands of motorhome and campervan insurance holders also being cyclists they have a unique opportunity to have their voice heard this month as two national newspapers are running surveys.

The Daily Telegraph is currently running a survey on motoring and The Times is asking cyclists what matters to them in the second part of their “Cities fit for cyclists” campaign. One only has to note the number of mobile homes carrying bicycles on the back of them to realise just how many motorhome owners have a love of cycling and the papers this week offer them a chance to voice their opinions.

The Times’ cycling survey will form the basis of a report that will eventually be seen by a cross-party Parliamentary committee who are focussing on getting more of the UK population out and about on two wheels and improving cycle safety at the same time. The Telegraph survey will be run in conjunction with a motorhome insurance provider and will focus more on the perception of drivers. Entitled: “Fed up with the standards of driving and aggression on the UK’s roads? Here’s your chance to have a say to provide a clear picture of attitudes to cars and driving across the country.”

Cycling journalist and campaigner, Carlton Reid, also sees a link between the surveys, saying “The two surveys are related, dismal driving behaviour makes cycling (and walking) far more dangerous than it needs to be.” There is no rush to complete either of the surveys as the first one doesn’t close until the 20th of November but it does give people who see both sides of the never ending argument between cyclists and motorists a chance to add considered argument to the debate.