Paper motor certificate soon to be obsolete

A Government department are taking further steps to reduce the amount of bureaucracy motorists have to go through when organising their yearly paperwork and the move will be welcomed by motorhome owners and motorhome insurance providers alike.

The Department for Transport (DfT) are now putting into practice their vow to cut red tape for drivers and are preparing to do away with the need for a paper copy of their motor insurance certificate. The DfT have now entered an eight week consultation period with interested parties in the motor industry but it is widely believed most will welcome the move.

New DVLA database technology allied with to the Motor Insurers Database means that police officers checking out the background of suspicions vehicles and their drivers have all the information they require on the end of a computer terminal. Ministers believe the new system will cut costs for insurers which eventually will filter through to their customers. Roads Minister Stephen Hammond said: “More and more people are using technology to organise their everyday lives so it is only right we look at how we can make life easier for motorists and industry. That is why we are launching a consultation to scrap the legal requirement for insurance certificates to be issued and consolidate a system whereby all information is online.”

There will still be a few issues to iron out before the new system can be introduced and one will affect many motorhome owners. Currently a number of countries in Europe insist that motorists visiting their country carry their motor insurance certificate with them. The DfT are aware of this and it is one of the major concerns with the other one being how the 10 million motorists who have no access to the internet would fare in a paperless system.