Increase in Accidents in November

A recent study has shown that November is the most dangerous month for motorhome owners in terms of accidents. This is because during this month, the amount of accidents that happen increases by 28 per cent on average in the UK. This information is not good news for motorhome insurance providers.

The research found that one of the main reasons for this is that the days are a lot shorter and drivers have to contend with the dark whilst on the road. Also in November there are two effects that occur from sunlight. The first is driving directly towards the light which causes temporary blindness for the driver. The second is sunlight that is coming from behind and reflecting off other vehicles. These effects are particularly significant during November because the sun sits lower in the sky compared to the rest of the year.

Even though most people are aware of the effects of the winter sun or dark nights, few actually make any preparations for this time which contributes to the high accident rate experienced during November. The research revealed that 19 per cent of motorhome owners don’t carry out safety checks. Also it was uncovered that 18 per cent of accidents that do happen all year round occur in November.

With the winter well and truly here it is vital that you make sure your motorhome is working as well as it should be in order to avoid accidents.