Campervans go up in flames

Not for the first time this year major road delays and action requiring the presence of emergency services were brought about by campervans going up in flames.

Monday morning saw commuters in the London area doubly frustrated as first the M1 and then the M25 came to a standstill because of traffic accidents. The M25 had been busier than usual on Monday morning due to both carriageways of the M1 being blocked from early morning and was only just getting back to normal when a 3 vehicle pileup brought traffic to a halt between junctions 8 and 9 anticlockwise around 11am. The people involved in the accident only suffered minor injuries but an oil spillage from one of the vehicles involved caused problems for the emergency services, and just as they cleared it up and got traffic flowing again a campervan burst into flames on the same section of motorway. The fire quickly became an inferno and the whole section of motorway was closed again. The driver was unhurt but will be making a claim on his campervan insurance as the van was totally destroyed.

Twenty four hours previously another campervan fire saw fire and rescue services from the Greenbank Fire Station in Plymouth battle in the dark to try and get a blazing campervan fire under control. The fire-fighters found the vehicle well alight when they reached the scene and then had to wear breathing apparatus to quell the fierce flames. At one point the men had to take cover as it was thought gas cylinders were in danger of exploding but they did eventually get the situation under control. The van was left severely damaged and motorhome insurance investigators will now liaise with the fire services to investigate the cause of the conflagration.