Increase in Demand at Shropshire Caravan dealer’s Workshop

In the town of Shrewbury, Shropshire is a dealership where the demand for servicing, accident repairs, and warranty work on touring motorhomes and caravans has doubled in the past year. The company, Salop Leisure, has twelve engineers (including four apprentices), a twelve bay workshop, and most surprisingly is open seven days a week.

After-sales manager Viv Jones has said that he has seen a rapid increase in servicing and bodywork repairs since he started the company six years ago, especially now many motorhome and caravan owners can claim for such work on their motorhome insurance. Jones said “December and January are traditionally quieter months, but this year we have doubled our workload. In addition to servicing and warranty work, we are now attracting accident repairs from across the country as insurance companies are now recommending Salop Leisure to their customers.”

The workshop, which is based alongside the Shrewsbury bypass at Emstry, has also recently installed a twenty five thousand pound state of the art Spraybake paint booth in order to extend the range of repair services it can offer. Jones notes that “The Spraybake paint booth allows us to carry out an even wider range of repair work to motorhomes and caravans. We also have a paint mixing system, which matches any colour.”

The fact that the workshop is open seven days a week is also beneficial to potential customers, and provides even more demand to the workshop. Jones said that “Customers appreciate being able to bring in their caravan or motorhome on a Saturday or Sunday because some previously had to take time off work during the week.”

The fact that motorhome and caravan owners can now easily have their vehicles repaired and maintained without having to lose money by missing work, or having to pay for repairs themselves if they have motorhome insurance, means that it’s not surprising that this workshop has gained so much more custom recently. Hopefully, other workshop owners will take note and soon benefit from the increasing market.