Caravan Park in Scotland in £170,000 worth of debt

We have all been hearing recently how the caravan industry has been booming due to the fact that many members of the British public can no longer afford to go abroad for their holidays. Many caravan manufacturers, campsites, and caravan insurance providers have been benefiting from the influx of people choosing to spend their holidays in the UK, however it has now been reported that one caravan site in Scotland is currently in one hundred and seventy thousand pounds worth of debt.

The Aberfeldy Caravan Park is owned by the local council and based in Highland Perthshire, where during a meeting with the council’s environment committee it was revealed that the park had made a net loss of £173,435 in five years, which is a staggering £34,700 per year. To make matters worse, in November the same committee were told that the company had only lost a total of £21,784 in the past five years, meaning a much smaller loss of just £4,500 per annum.

Committee Councillor Alan Ward, who originally provided the erroneous figures said that the situation was “regrettable” and that “staff were very sorry.” He stated that the reason the figures weren’t correct in the first place was due to the fact they hadn’t included “central service support and directorate and admin charges.” Another Councillor, Callum Gillies said that he was bemused by the events, and also said: “I find these figures quite shocking. Why have we waited until now? Why has this not been flagged up before? Other councils have sites that pay their way – why is this so different?”

Other Councillors attending the meeting also expressed their shock at the amount of debt the site had accrued, with Councillor Dennis Melloy saying: “This should be a bit of a gold mine. We are not in the caravan business – we need a professional in there to make profit.” Councillor Melloy went on to say that the council needed to alleviate the flooding problem on the campsite, and that hopefully this will make it more attractive to a prospective operator who could run the campsite for them.