More Caravan Park Thefts reported in the UK

It seems as if the UK is currently experiencing a bit of a crime wave when it comes to caravan parks, especially as yesterday we reported that a site in Brechin, Scotland had been broken into and batteries were stolen from the parked caravans. And today it has been reported that a caravan site owner from the Blackpool area is becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that thieves are repeatedly breaking into his site and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Alan Thompson has spoken out about how the site based on Turnover Hall Farm, St Michael’s, has been broken into four times over the past two years, with the most recent being on the 30th of January. He said that the thieves broke into the site in order to look for money, and whilst doing so smashed down a fire door, ripped off money boxes from snooker tables and washing machines, and broke two windows.

Discussing the break-in, Mr Thompson said: “They’ve caused a lot of damage. They have taken the coin boxed but I only emptied them two nights before so they got away with almost nothing, but they kept going and smashing everything up until they got a little bit. They smashed two windows, ripped about 15 money boxes off and the pool table was empty but they smashed the money boxes off that. They smashed the fire escape door as well which was all bolted up. It will cost a couple of thousand pounds to fix.”

Luckily, no motorhomes or campervans were reported to be damaged during the incident, however this does highlight how important it is to invest in campervan insurance. Even if thieves do target your vehicle and come away empty handed, the damage to the vehicle could still cost a large amount to fix. Mr Thompson has decided that the only way to protect his site is to invest in CCTV cameras, however they will be expensive to install and maintain, meaning Mr Thompson will lose more money.

He said: “We’re going to fix most of the stuff and we are going to put CCTV up as well, because we’re lacking to be truthful. We thought everything was friendly but it’s not anymore. It’s annoying.” The police have urged anyone with information concerning the break in to come forward and contact them by calling 101.