Campervan Company offers free hire to couple on Valentine’s Day

Campervan owners are generally known for their love of adventure and spontaneity, and as it’s Valentine’s Day today we know that there will be some campervan owners who have planned a romantic trip with their partners to celebrate. However, it’s not just those that own their own campervans that can enjoy a day out on the road, as one company in Guildford is offering a vintage campervan to hire for this special day, and the best part is it’s completely free. There is one catch though – the lucky person that gets the free hire must propose to their loved one during the trip.

Discussing the idea, manager Rob Monty wrote on his blog: “Inspiration came on a boring commute to work when I was thinking about the awkward moment when I sat in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day with my loved one. It was awkward because despite my best intentions of having a lovely romantic meal, we were sat in a room bursting to the sides with other couples all with identical red roses in the middle of the table, soft candlelight and cheesy music.”

“Now that I’m older, wiser and married I can see the point of doing something quite unique. So with that in mind we decided to offer someone out there the chance to drive a campervan. All for free? What’s the catch? Well, there is a condition that they must be at least planning to propose on the day.” Rob Monty owns the RetroCampervan company along with his wife Charlie, and so far they have renovated three classic VW campervans and now offer them for hire to customers who want to enjoy a campervanning trip but cannot afford to buy a vehicle of their own.

Rob and Charlie started the company after spending many years on the road looking for old VW campervans to restore and then travel in. They state that their main reason for starting the business was because they liked to see the enjoyment their customers got from taking a trip in a campervan, and throughout the years have built up the company so now they even offer services such as VW campervans for weddings and honeymoons. All of their campervans are completely unique, have no mileage limits and are covered by campervan insurance, which means that we are sure the lucky person who is out in one today is having a fantastic time!