Handbag stolen from Campervan in Shropshire

Campervans and motorhomes are often targets for thieves due the fact that as people usually take their belongings with them when they go on holidays, meaning that the contents inside a campervan can often be expensive. There have been many cases of thieves stealing personal possessions from campervans, which is why it is important to make sure you have a campervan insurance policy that protects all your belongings before you head off on a trip.

One woman unfortunately found this out the hard way after her handbag was stolen from her campervan whilst she was at a beauty spot in Shropshire. Last Sunday, thieves broke into a parked campervan in the Lyth Hill car park near Bayston Hill due to the fact that a woman had left her handbag under the seat in the campervan yet was still visible. Police found that the Toyota Hiace campervan had all four of its doors tampered with, and that the thieves got away with the brown leather handbag containing a mobile phone, eighty pounds in cash and bank cards.

Even though the couple were only away from their campervan for thirty minutes, police have now urged those visiting beauty spots in Shropshire to not leave any valuables in their vehicles. A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: “This incident serves as a reminder not to leave any valuables on display when you leave your vehicle unattended. Rural beauty spots are particularly vulnerable and as spring approaches, people visiting the countryside should be vigilant.”

“Take handbags and other valuables such as phones and sat nav systems with you when going for a walk. At the very least, place clothing and other property out of site in the boot as securely as possible. Thieves who break into cars will automatically check beneath seats and in the glove compartment for items of value.” Police have also called for anyone who was in the area in the afternoon and has any information to contact them by calling 101, with the spokesperson also saying “We would also appeal for people to call us immediately if they spot anyone acting suspiciously near parked vehicles.”