Six Motorhomes Taken from Surrey Dealer

The risk of theft is always something motorhome owners are concerned about, and rightly so. Motorhomes are expensive pieces of equipment, extremely valuable in themselves but also usually packed full with laptops, keys, phones and wallets. A thriving second hand market for motorhomes means they’re easy to get rid of quickly and thieves usually waste no time in putting vehicles up for sale.

Usually these thefts are opportunist; an unlocked door or an open window is really all that’s needed to gain access and the sight of an unguarded motorhome can just be too tempting for some. Unfortunately though, we’ve also seen a number of isolated incidents of much more systematic thefts in recent weeks.

One such incident happened in Croydon, Surrey on Sunday when six silver Ford motorhomes were taken from a company. The value of the motorhomes isn’t known, but the company could be looking at claiming well over £100,000 of damages, especially given the fact that six vehicles were stolen simultaneously.

Two men have been arrested following the incident but such a systematic crime is more than likely to have involved many more. The police are still looking for information and, of course, are still hoping to recover the stolen vehicles.

This sort of targeted crime is something that motorhome owners really need to watch out for, particularly if the vehicles they drive are themselves very expensive. Motorhomes in storage or parked in the same place for a long time are particularly at risk and owners should be sure both to check up on their motorhomes and to ensure that their motorhome insurance policy covers the type of storage being used.

We hope that as economic conditions improve in the UK we should see these sorts of thefts decreasing, but in the meantime you should make sure your motorhome is stored safely and securely over the Easter weekend.