Top Motorhome Technology for 2013

It used to be that a dose of Four Star, a few sleeping bags and a bit of enthusiasm constituted a motorhome holiday, but it’s definitely not the case any more! The rise of super-luxurious RVs from the USA, technological improvements in automobile computers and the increased connectedness of our daily lives means that motorhome customers are demanding higher standards of tech in their motorhomes.

While motorhome manufacturers across the board have responded to this demand and considerably increased what is available as standard on many motorhomes, you don’t need to be buying new to get a feel for cutting edge technology. To keep you up to date, here’s our guide to what can really be done with the best motorhome technology in 2013.

Getting Around in Style

A normal sat-nav will get you from A all the way to B with absolutely no problem at all. If you want to do it in style however, and improve your time spent on the road and your efficiency, you need to be thinking about purchasing a specialist motorhome sat-nav.

Top brands like Garmin, Snooper and TomTom all offer motorhome sat-navs that offer specific features for motorhome users. Large screens for best visibility in the cab, European mapping, campsite and fuel stop advice, up to the minute traffic news and personalised height, width and weight restrictions are all available on specialist units. Though motorhome sat-navs tend to fetch a little more than their car-specific counterparts, it could be an extremely worthwhile investment.

The Beauty of Bluetooth

Bluetooth has been around for some time now, but motorhome users still seem reluctant to tap into its potential. A simple Bluetooth connectivity device will allow you to connect up a multitude of other devices to your motorhome and unleash the potential of what is normally a very good speaker system.

Most people begin by connecting their mobile to Bluetooth and using it in combination with a hands-free device, but it’s simple enough to hook up MP3 devices or even laptops via Bluetooth to give you full access to your music collection. Even if you’re not into the latest tunes, the possibilities that a small MP3 player can offer are amazing; podcasts, radio broadcasts and audiobooks are just the start.

Keeping Yourself Entertained

The thought of having a TV accessible during a motorhome is unacceptable to some; you go away to do something different to what you would otherwise, right!? Well, for others, being able to enjoy the big game in the sunshine or to just kick back and relax for an hour when the kids are in bed is what holidays are all about, and a good satellite TV package is well within the capabilities of current motorhome technology.

Of course, the limitations of a motorhome mean enjoying cable TV are impossible, but many motorhome owners fit a satellite comfortably on top of their roof and are able to stream free-to-view or subscription TV. If a satellite isn’t your thing, why not link up a portable wifi connection and stream footage through a laptop? Remember that you’ll need a TV license if you’re going to use any of these methods.

Keep Safe with Technology

Reversing technology in the form of rear-vision cameras has improved massively over recent years and now full colour, remarkably high resolution reversing cameras can easily be fitted to your motorhome. If you want to go further with camera technology, effective CCTV can be added with a side-view camera; this may even save you some money on your motorhome insurance policy.

On top of this, radar technology still runs the show when it comes to vehicle sensors and the latest generation of on-board radars can not only detect vehicles or pedestrians when reversing, but will let you know if traffic in front of your vehicle slows up unexpectedly and can even alert you to queues up ahead. This kind of technology is remarkably advanced and can be a real ally on long journeys, particularly at night.

Kitting out your motorhome with the latest technology is a great way of giving an old motorhome a little bit of a push towards the future and it can make your holidays run considerably smoother. Of course, technology is always moving on and what is in date today may be outdated tomorrow, so buy wisely and buy for the future!