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New Forest Offers Innovative Alternative for Campers

Towing isn’t ideal if you’re a frequent camper; it’s inefficient, it’s slow and, worst of all, it’s much more hassle than just jumping in your motorhome and going wherever you please. Unfortunately in more rural areas getting around without a separate car is just impossible, and when there’s so much countryside to see it seems silly to be restricted by just your motorhome.

However, the New Forest has come up with a remarkably innovative solution to this problem. Instead of having to tow a car, campers who stay at the main train station in Brockenhurst are being offered the chance to rent a two-seater ‘Twizy’, a completely electric car to get around.

The Twizy can run for about fifty miles on one charge, but with over twenty charge points in the New Forest alone, planning a route shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. The Twizy is being offered for the price of £49 a day which, though more than car hire, is completely inclusive: there’s no need to worry about the cost of fuel and with the rental you’ll be offered a series of discounts across the county.

The scheme aims to take the pressure off a busy camping area in the UK and to reduce traffic around the New Forest’s country roads. The scheme should save on carbon emissions and will appeal to eco-friendly campers who are after a fun way to get around.

We’re fully in favour of this sort of initiative being launched in the UK and it’s fantastic news for motorhome owners to see it introduced in such a popular area. Though at the moment stock is limited to two-seater cars and perhaps the price is more than some motorhome owners will want to pay, with the savings on fuel, motorhome insurance and the discount card it could very soon start making sense for the camper who wants to get out and about.

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