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New Zealand Campervan Company proves popular in US

Depending on where you live in the world motorhoming is very different, which is why companies from one country often find it difficult to break into the market in another. In England, we generally call the vehicles ‘motorhomes’ or ‘campervans’, whilst in the US they are generally referred to as RV’s, and due to the fact the frequency they are used and the type of holidays they are taken on is so different from county to country, the design often is very different too.

This is why one campervan manufacture from New Zealand is celebrating the fact that they have been able to break into the American campervan market, and are now congratulating themselves over their first successful year in the States. One year ago today, campervan manufacturer JUCY started selling their eco-friendly and rather quirky version of campervans from their offices in LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas on the West Coast of the USA. Today, they are hosting a party at the Consular General, Leon Grice’s private home, where guest will be treated to traditional New Zealand hospitality and find out what the mascot Lucy means when she says “music and passion are always the fashion at JUCY.”

So far, JUCY have sold one hundred and eighty vehicles in the US, and CEO Tim Alpe is positive that in the years to come the company will be even more successful. He said that: “the potential for fun, user-friendly camper vans (RV’s) becoming the vacation vehicle of choice for dynamic young Americans on the go has a huge potential. If our first year in the US is any indication, the sky is the limit for the JUCY brand in this country.” JUCY’s main demographic is what they term ‘Young Free Independent Travellers’ or TFIT’s, and therefore all their campervans include DVD players, GPS, custom built interiors, and a double bed hidden in a pop-up roof top.

One JUCY owner on their way to the Coachella music festival in the US said that JUCY campervans are “like the love-child between a hotel and a tent”, which shows that young campervan owners are enjoying the luxuries that come with the van along with the freedom it provides. We expect to see even more of these vehicles being sold in the US in the next few years, and if the popularity continues we also expect a JUCY invasion in the UK sometime soon, which will be good news for motorhome enthusiasts, motorhome insurance providers, and the motorhome industry.

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