Motorhome Insurance Tips

If you own a motorhome, then insuring it with the right kind of motorhome policy is a necessity. There are several things you should consider before paying for a policy though. You need to ensure that your motorhome is insured for the type of use you plan to get out of it – there’s no point in saving lots of money on a policy if you’re not covered for everything you want!

Tips for Choosing Motorhome Insurance

  1. Never insure your motorhome under a normal car policy – yes, you’re satisfying the law, but, isn’t a motorhome much more than a car? – it’s a motorised home!
  2. Don’t buy motorhome insurance on price alone! Yes, a cheap policy may appear attractive now, but if you need to make a claim and you’re not covered it’ll be a very expensive mistake.
  3. Don’t assume that everything you want is included in the policy – read the documentation and make sure your cover meets your expectations. At Comfort, we make this part as painless as possible – our ‘small-print’ is designed to be easy to read – in fact this is one of the many reasons we’ve won so many awards!
  4. Motorhomes are expensive, so take out fully comprehensive insurance – We only offer ‘fully comp’, so you’re guaranteed first rate cover with us.
  5. There are a wide variety of mtorhome types, to find out whether Comfort can insure your vehicle please refer to out ‘motorhomes insured’ page.
  6. If you’re planning to travel abroad, then make sure your motorhome insurance covers you for both the time you’re away for and the countries you plan on visiting. At Comfort we make this very easy, as we offer 365 EU Cover as standard. Some countries outside the EU are also covered, check your insurance policy to see which countries you’re covered for.

The main thing to remember when buying motorhome insurance is that price is not the only factor. Cover is far more important, a cheap policy may seem attractive now, but if you need to use your insurance (i.e. make a claim), then this could prove a costly mistake. Happily at Comfort we offer competively priced, fully comprehensive motorhome insurance with many extras as standard, so you’re unlikely to get a cheaper deal for the level of cover that we can provide elsewhere.

To find out how much cover you can get with Comfort, simply get a motorhome insurance quote online – or give us a call on  0800 0304 206 or 0208 984 0777.

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aviva_logoComfort Insurance has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Aviva and many of our products are jointly developed with the UK’s largest insurer. We are committed to ensuring you get the right cover for you and your motorhoming lifestyle.

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InsuranceLogo2-300x283Comfort Insurance is delighted to announce for the 10th time in 11 years we have won the prestigious award that recognises outstanding product and service in our industry.

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