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Welcome to the motorhome blog from Comfort Insurance!

As motorhomers ourselves, we are constantly learning new tips from and sharing our own experiences with the wider community and with new friends we meet while out on the road.

That's why we started this motorhome blog - as a place for our customers to find useful resources which can help them to get even more out of the motorhome lifestyle.

Here at Comfort, we understand that there will be some reservations with taking your family away on a motorhome trip for the first time, but they are actually fantastic because of the freedom and flexibility they give. Our blog posts will cover everything you need to know about motorhoming with the family and kids.

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Thinking of Joining a Campervan Club?

If you are a campervan fanatic who takes your vehicle out more than once a year then it is well worth signing up to a club as you could end up saving money, meeting some great new people and even finding out about exciting trips and places to stay! Therefore, in this month’s blog we…

Don’t post on social networks when you go on holiday!

Almost everybody who uses social media will use their accounts to boast about the amazing holidays they have been on. On a day to day basis there are pictures popping up on our Facebook feeds making us more and more jealous that we are sat in our offices at work, however this playful boasting could…

Camper and Motorhome Accessory Shops across England

One of the best parts of owning a motorhome is adding your own personal touch. This starts from the second you begin putting together your budget and specifications and continues right through to adding awnings and accessories to give your vehicle that special something! However, it’s not always easy finding motorhome accessories, especially if you…
what motorhome 2015

Comfort Insurance is Which Motorhome Insurance Provider of the Year 2015!

There are hundreds of companies out there offering customers various types of motorhome and campervan insurance; however here at Comfort Insurance we believe we offer something special to our customers, something that no other provider can. But how can we prove this? Well, one way is to have various industry awards under our belts, which…
vehicles on the road

What are your Pet Hates on the Road?

As much as we hate to admit it, things don’t always go smoothly every time a motorhome or campervan owner heads out onto the road. Unfortunately, as motorhomes and campervans are larger than your average vehicle they have to put up with a lot more hassle, especially from inconsiderate road users. So here at Comfort…
delicious food

4 Delicious Dishes you can Cook in your Motorhome or Campervan

Some people think that when it comes to cooking in a campervan or motorhome you need to be as simple as possible due to the lack of room, however this isn’t the case! In fact, there are a number of delicious dishes you can rustle up in your vehicle that will not only please the…

Hitting the Slopes: Planning the Perfect Motorhome Skiing Holiday

If you have the time and the budget then visiting a ski resort during December is one of the most exciting and memorable trips you can have; however ski holidays often require more organisation than beach holidays. If you are planning on taking your motorhome with you on your next skiing holiday there are a…
american motorhome

Is it a Bus? Is it a Coach? No, it’s an American Motorhome!

America is often thought of as the home of recreational vehicles as it has a long history of motorhome production and use. As we all know, things are generally larger in America than the UK, and motorhomes are no exception! This is why most motorhome owners have always dreamt of crossing the pond and hiring…

No Laughing Matter: UK Motorhomers facing new dangers in France

At Comfort Insurance we have spent years providing our readers with advice on how to stay safe on their motorhome holidays. However, it’s an unfortunate fact that no matter how safe you are thieves will always come up with new ways to break into motorhomes, especially when they are parked in secluded areas. Recently, there…