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Welcome to the motorhome blog from Comfort Insurance!

As motorhomers ourselves, we are constantly learning new tips from and sharing our own experiences with the wider community and with new friends we meet while out on the road.

That's why we started this motorhome blog - as a place for our customers to find useful resources which can help them to get even more out of the motorhome lifestyle.

Here at Comfort, we understand that there will be some reservations with taking your family away on a motorhome trip for the first time, but they are actually fantastic because of the freedom and flexibility they give. Our blog posts will cover everything you need to know about motorhoming with the family and kids.


Folding Mopeds

It is a problem which has confronted motorhome users for years; how do you get about once you arrive at your destination? Whilst the journey itself does of course yield great pleasure, it can prove difficult to explore down winding roads in a motorhome. Some enthusiasts  have settled for bicycles, some attach mopeds or motorbikes…
road sign

LEZ’s, DPF’s and YOU

As a society, we have never been more environmentally aware. Recycling is now the norm, we know what a ‘carbon footprint’ is, and decadence is frowned upon. Everybody is encouraged to take whatever steps they can to minimise their impact on the planet. Every year, air pollution kills more people globally than malaria and AIDS…
storm clouds

Storm Safety for Motorhomes and Campervans

You would be forgiven for thinking that the weather is finally starting to improve as it’s been relatively mild over the past few days. However, experts are warning us to hold on to our brollies that little bit longer, as this weekend Arctic air is set to sweep across the UK, bringing rain, wind and…

Money Saving Apps for Motorhome Holidays

In the past decade we have seen countless new pieces of technology being implemented into motorhomes and campervans to make holidays both more enjoyable and easier. If you are a fan of tech it doesn’t have to stop with your motorhome; in fact, there are a number of great Apps for both iPhones and Androids…
spring festival

Spring Festivals across Europe

Spring is a time that everyone looks forward to regardless of where you live: it’s a time where the days become longer, the weather becomes warmer and people generally become happier. This is why many countries celebrate the beginning of spring with festivals – festivals which usually consist of lots of bright colours, dancing and…
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Licensing requirements for over 70s

Even though you may be a perfectly safe driver, if you are over the age of 70 it’s worth scrubbing up on your knowledge of the law as certain elements may affect you. Driving gives many people the independence to go wherever they please no matter how old, and no one wants to lose that!…
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Christmas in your Campervan

As most campervan parks here in the UK stay open all year round, you are often able to spend Christmas away from home in the comfort of your campervan. However, just because you are in a smaller place compared to your home it doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally fun time this Christmas. In…
campervan charging

Campervan FAQs – Electricity and Plumbing

Owning a campervan can be great fun, especially if you are thinking of buying one for the first time. However, here at Comfort Insurance we know that campervans and everything to do with how they run can sometimes be a bit confusing, which is why we have created our very own FAQs! This article focusses…
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The warmest places to travel to this winter

Booking a winter motorhome trip is always exciting as you have the choice of having a traditional English cold winter holiday or getting away from it all somewhere warmer! The main locations for a warm winter in Europe are southern Portugal, southern Spain and the south of France, however The Algarve is usually the warmest.…